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LSPD Handbook

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Commands and Functions
3. Correct Vehicle Use
4. Police Armoury
5. Force Matrix
6. Chain of Command
7. Internal Affairs Infractions
8. Radio Codes
9. Legal Terms
10. Legal Information
11. FAQs


This is the Los Santos Police Department's standard handbook. It contains valuable information for the public so that they know the penalties, but also for our staff so that they know the correct penalties to charge somebody with. If you find that somebody is not following procedure then you may file a complaint against them to either the Chief or to one of the Internal Affairs Officers.

Commands and Fuctions

Firstly, and most importantly, when you spawn make sure you go into the locker room at the Police Department and go on duty. (/duty)

/r is the Police Radio. It is used for standard police work.
USAGE: /r [message]

/d is the Departmental radio. This goes to all law enforcement agencies including FBI.
USAGE: /d [message]

/m is your megaphone. This is used to instruct a driver to pull over or instruct crowds etc. You will find plenty of uses for it. It will send a message to a wide area.
USAGE: /m [message]

/wanted will display all the wanted people on the server.
USAGE: /wanted

/mdc is your mobile data computer. This is used for obtaining all your QP's (Query Person). it will list all complaints and charges against any person.
USAGE: /mdc [name/id]

/gateopen opens the LSPD Garage gate.
USAGE: /gateopen

/su will suspect someone of a crime and give them a wanted level. DO NOT RANDOMLY USE THIS, Abuse of this will result in you being infracted.
USAGE: /su [name/id] [crime]

/ticket will allow you to issue an infringement notice.
USAGE: /ticket [name/id] [amount] [reason]

/arrest will arrest someone when you are at the arrest point at the station.
USAGE: /arrest [time(m)] [fine] [bail(0/1)] [bailprice]

/frisk will search someone for illegal items.
USAGE: /frisk [name/id]

/take will confiscate illegal items. You must be rank 2 or higher (officer).
USAGE: /take [item] [name/id]

/tazer will send a small electric charge through a person's body, incapacitating them for a small time.
USAGE: /tazer

/cuff will cuff somebody in a vehicle, making them unable to move. ALWAYS RP BEFORE YOU DO THE COMMAND!
USAGE: /cuff [name/id]

/drag will throw the suspect into your vehicle. ALWAYS RP BEFORE YOU DO THE COMMAND!
USAGE: /drag[name/id]

/undercover will change your skin to a normal player one.
USAGE: /undercover list then /undercover [skin ID]

/tlc will trace the last 911 call, showing the location of the caller.
USAGE: /tlc

/copuntie will untie a tied person (not cuffed)
USAGE: /copuntie [name/id]

/uncuff will uncuff the suspect.
USAGE: /uncuff [name/id]

/bk will send a message to LSPD that you need backup.
USAGE: /bk

/bkc will clear your backup message.
USAGE: /bkc

/showbadge will show your badge to another player.
USAGE: /showbadge [name/id]

/dooropen will open the LSPD doors.
USAGE: /dooropen

/doorclose will close the LSPD doors.
USAGE: /doorclose

Correct vehicle use

This is a list of all the vehicles that belong to the LSPD, and what they're main function is for.

(( Big thanks to Razor for car pictures. ))

LSPD patrol car

This is the main vehicle that all Officers should be driving, unless they're a Sergeant or above.

LVPD Patrol Car

Standard LVPD patrol car, only sergeants or above may use this.

SAPD Ranger

Good for blocking the roads, and for off-terrain. Sergeants and above only.

SAPD Motorbike

The best vehicle if you want to keep contact with the suspect. You can drive it if you have captain's or above permission.


Also known as "Mr Splashy" due to its powerful Water Cannon. Good for keeping people pinned and controling a riot. Only use in a SWAT situation and with permission from your superior.

SWAT Truck

A bulky but speedy truck, can flip easily though. Should only be used in a SWAT situation or in a roadblock and with your superior's permission.

SAPD Enforcer

A large truck which contains Kevlar Vests inside. For use in SWAT situations only, should never be taken out of the garage without a Captain or above permission.

SAPD Maverick

A standard Maverick helicopter, painted to the LSPD colours. Sergeant and above can use it.

Undercover sultans

Sultans for undercover. Captain and above only may use it.

Cars painted in white
No Picture

These are only for Chief and his assistant.

HSPD Vehicles
No Pictures available.

High Speed PD's vehicles are often used undercover and on high speed chases. You are only permitted to drive these vehicles with permission from Captain or above. You can find these behind the LSPD HQ.

Police Armory

The weapons that all Staff should be or shouldn't be using.


* Desert Eagle
* Nightstick
* Pepperspray
* Tazer
* Pump Shotgun
* MP5


* Desert Eagle
* Nightstick
* Pepperspray
* Tazer
* Shotgun
* MP5
* M4A1 - SWAT situations only


* Desert Eagle
* Nightstick
* Pepperspray
* Tazer
* Shotgun
* MP5
* M4A1
* SPAZ12 - SWAT situations only
* Sniper - SWAT situations only
* Grenade/Tear Gas - Permission from Captain or above

Any of the weapons

Any of the weapons

Assistant Chief
Any of the weapons

Any of the weapons

Force Matrix

Force Matrix rule: You must respond with the same or lower force at suspect who's using it against you.
Example, if you are getting shot by Deagle - respond by deagle, or any lower class weapon, such as MP5.
If you are getting shot with MP5 - respond with MP5.
AK47 - M4, SPAS - SPAS. Note: If you aren't allowed to use m4/SPAS and someone is shooting you with these weapons, respond with a deagle or any other lower force.
If you are getting attacked with a melee weapon, use your spray can.

Chain of Command

The Miranda Rights must be read when arresting somebody, failure to say them can allow the person to not be arrested, as you did not tell them their rights.
"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you."
A simple */me reads the suspect his Miranda Rights" will do.

You are only in your position for one reason, to obtain a better understanding of how the Police Department works. If a higher ranking officer tells you something, you had better listen closely and if a higher ranking officer asked you to do something, you had better do it.
You may feel like you know everything that there is to know, but as a Cadet you should be listening to everything, because you don't know everything at all.
If you screw around at all, no matter what rank you are, you will be removed from the Police Department, respect everyone and do as you are told.
Respect everybody.



Internal affairs Infractions

Due to efforts to clean up the Department, we use the Infraction System and Infraction Officers. If you stuff around then people can complain to the IA, using people and screenshots as evidence. If the IA catches you doing it, they do not even need screenshots. They are in their position because the Chief trusts them.

You receive one or more points for breaking any of the following:

[1 Point] - Taking Bank Shortcut Without A code 3 Or Up

[2 Points] - Failure To Inform LSPD Of Going 10-7/8

[3 Points] - Driving alone when a cadet needs a partner.

[4 Points] - Using Unreasonable Force

[5 Points] - Taking the cruiser of another police officer without asking them beforehand.

[5 Points] - Going Undercover Without Permission

[5 Points] - Using Unauthorized Vehicles

[10 Points] - Rush Tazing

[10 Points] - Bringing the LSPD into Disrepute

[10 Points] - OOC/IC Insults to Another Officer

[10 Points] - Painting Government Cruisers

[10 Points] - Allowing Unauthorized Visitors In The Garage

[10 Points] - Using Weapons Not Authorized To Use

[15 Points] - Spamming In /R or /D

[15 Points] - Messing Around During Training

[15 Points] - Disobeying Direct Orders

[15 Points] - Taking a Civilian Vehicle without giving them a reason beforehand

[20 Points] - Shooting A Suspect While Tazed/Cuffed

[30 Points] - Abuse Of Powers

[40 Points] - Being Immature or Unprofessional

[50 Points] - Assault on another officer

[75 Points] - Corruption

Cadets who receive 10 points will be suspended from the PD for 1 week.

Cadets who receive 15 points will be relieved of all duties.

Officers who receive 20 points will receive a suspension from the PD for 1-3 weeks.

Officers who recieve 50 points will receive a suspension from the PD for 1 - 2 months.

Officers who receive 75 points will be relieved of all duties.

Radio Codes

These are the codes that some Officers will use. They're not necessarily quicker, as most Staff do not remember them off by heart.

10-0: Patrolling the Area

10-3: Stop transmitting

10-4: Ok / Roger That / Understood

10-5: Repeat Message

10-7: Off Duty

10-8: On Duty

10-9: Requesting Immediate Back-Up

10-10: Requesting a Patrol Partner

10-15: Prisoner in custody

10-16: Pick up prisoner

10-17: Requesting Immediate Pick-Up

10-19: Return to station

10-20: Location

10-22: Disregard last assignment

10-23: Stand by

10-29: Check for wants

10-45: Condition of suspect / victim?

10-45A: Good

10-45B: Serious

10-45C: Critical

10-49: Proceed to ()

10-53: Man down

10-54: Officer Down

10-55: Hostage Down

10-71: Shooting

10-72: Gun involved

Code 2: Urgent - no light or siren

Code 3: Use lights and siren

Code 4: No further assistance needed

Code 5: Stakeout

Code 6: Stay out of area

Code 11: SWAT Needed

BOLO: Be on the Look Out

VC: Visual Contact

LEO: Law Enforcement Officer

Legal Terms

Indecent Exposure: $200.00

Lude Gesture: $300.00

Verbal Assault: $400.00

Loitering on Government Property: $2000.00

Illegal Parking: $600.00

Illegal Shortcut: $1000.00

Illegal Parking on Government Property: $2000.00

Illegal Parking at the Bank: $1000.00

Use of Hydraulics on a public road: $600.00

Reckless Driving/Speeding: $1000.00 - $3000.00

Reckless Endangerment: $1000.00

Illegal Racing: $1000.00

Illegal use of Nitrous Oxide: $1000.00 and your car impounded.

Trespassing on Private Property: $2000.00

Trespassing on Government Property: You will be arrested.

False 911 Call: $1000.00

Possession of illegal Weapons: $1200.00 and removal of your weapons

Legal Information

Manslaughter - Accidental Killing of another person

Attempted Murder - Attempt at taking someone's life

Conspiracy to Commit Murder - The act of plotting to murder

Assault - Issuing a threat with the means to carry it out / Hitting someone

Armed Robbery - Seizing property using a weapon of deadly force

Robbery - Seizing property through violence or intimidation

Extortion - Acquiring money, property, or services by use of intimidation or other acts.

Forgery - Copying objects of documents with the intent to deceive

Obstruction of Justice - Interfering with a government official(s)

Bribery - Offering services of any item in the return of influence or actions of a government official

Perjury - Lying or making false statements in a court of law

Conspiracy - An accusation backed up with proof that a suspect may commit a crime

Accessory - Assisting in the commission of a crime, but not actually partaking in the unlawfully activity

Aiding and Abetting - Participating in the commission of a crime

Hit and Run - Colliding with someone, their vehicle; then leaving the scene without consulting that person

Grand Theft Auto - Hijacking a vehicle without consent form the owner

Evading - Leaving, running, or escaping someway in the attempt to elude an officer

Arms Trafficking - Selling illegal firearms

Drugs Trafficking - Selling illegal narcotics

Prostitution - Exchanging sexual acts for valuables or common currency

DUI - Driving Under the Influence of alcohol/drugs

Kidnapping - Capturing or detaining a person against their will.

Rape - Forcing another individual to perform sexual acts against the persons will.

Domestic Terrorism - Any act that attempts to overthrow government or start anarchy, or in any attempt to "terrorize" on a large scale. (This is a legal term that has a lot of gray areas, please check with the Federal Bureau of Investigation or Sergeants and above before charging someone with this)

Eluding - The suspect has successfully evaded (escaped the police) Officers can only change this if they either have the suspects name already or they have managed to catch up with the same suspect afterwards. Eluding can be charged as many times as the suspect actually managed to escape pursuit.

Failure to Comply - Failing to comply with direct orders from a law enforcement official, I.E. Directing someone to pull over or directing someone to put their hands up.

Harassment - Persistent offensive behavior, verbally and of physically.


What is rushtazing?
Rushtazing is when you go up to somebody who is shooting and taze them. You can taze them if they're not shooting at you or if it is DM. Take a screenshot for proof of DM or them not shooting you, as they usually complain.

How can I apply to be an Officer?
You can apply by going to the Recruitment Office and reading the format for an application and then posting a new thread with that format. Failure to do the correct format or fill in all details will be an automatic deny.

How do I receive promotions?
You receive promotions, if you do your work. If we notice you messing around, you won't receive it.

The End

Credits go mainly to Jack Francis and Sammy Osborn. HSPD Parts added by Mark DaCake


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