[Recruitment] Training Process

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[Recruitment] Training Process

Post  Alex on Wed Dec 16, 2009 6:52 pm

Public Service Announcement
New Training Process


Citizens of Los Santos,

The administration and training division of the Los Santos Police Department are elated to announce the new applicant practical training system, of which all future cadets are due to enroll in. This new system consists of all imperative aspects of law enforcement, including and conducting;

•Equipment and clothing familiarization.
A short briefing of what equipment should and shouldn't be in possession of members within the department, how to use the provided equipment, and how to access it.
•Weapons familiarization.
A course within the shooting range of introducing the cadet to firearms, informing of what firearms should and shouldn't be in possession of members within the department, how to use the provided firearms, how to access them, and how to conduct basic firearm preparation and protocols.
•Cruiser familiarization.
A stationary briefing of what equipment has been provided within the cruisers and department vehicles.
•Pullover situation.
Demonstration from the cadet of conducting a pullover of a (trainer's) vehicle driving inappropriately.
•High speed pursuit situation, and PIT maneuvers.
Demonstration to the cadet of the most effective pursuit tactics, PIT being included, and having to conduct it himself.
Demonstration to the cadet of how to order compliance from a suspect who's vehicle has been disabled, and having to conduct it himself.
•Frisking and restraining.
Brief demonstration to the cadet of how to frisk an individual and followingly take them into custody.
•Driving course.
The cadet having to drive his cruiser at high speed through a maze of objects within Las Venturas, 2 tires shot out.
•Rules of Engagement.
A run through of the Rules of Engagement ordered and provided by state law.
•Introductary department rules.
A brief run through of the police department rules and regulations.

The majority of the training takes place in Las Venturas, along the re-knowned 'Strip'. This excellent location has been favoured by many other departments, and proves the most appropriate when introducing a cadet to law enforcement.

As well as this, a new training division is proposed and due to come into effect, of which department staff will need to apply in order to train an applicant.


Images of the training in effect coming soon!
Under Construction


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